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Have You Been Sued After Your Car Got Repossessed?

April 15, 2021

​Friends, does this sound like you? You’re a Virginia resident, your car got repossessed by the bank, they sold it for less than you owed, and now Bank is suing you for the deficiency? Most people assume that the situation is hopeless.

NO! Virginia lenders who repossess and re-sell collateral (meaning: your car, but could be your boat, your trailer, your RV, your motorcycle, your airplane, etc.) must do it exactly according to law. Our state has some precise rules about how lenders are to proceed with repo and re-sale. Virginia law gives debtors (borrowers) some substantial and very welcome protections following a lender’s misstep. However, those protections are not automatic, and putting on a courtroom defense is, for most folks, not a do-it-yourself maneuver.

We know some things about using Virginia law against Lender banks who mis-stepped!

If you’d like to explore your situation with us to see if your lender has made a mistake that might be used to protect you, give us a call at 757-486-4529!

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