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Legal Resources is an employee benefit. With Legal Resources, you gain access to a comprehensive legal coverage that spans a wide array of services.
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Enhancing Employee Benefits with a Broad Legal Services Plan

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We understand the financial burden that attorney fees can bring when faced with life’s everyday events.

At Virginia Beach Law Group, we aim to safeguard employees, their spouses, and eligible dependent children by providing covered services or discounted-for-fee services through the Legal Services Network.

As an employee benefit, your employer may already be a member of Legal Resources. With Legal Resources, y0ou gain access to a comprehensive legal coverage that spans a wide array of services, all conveniently managed through a small monthly payroll deduction. The best part is that for fully covered legal services, Legal Resources takes care of 100 percent of the attorney fees, relieving you from any additional financial stress during challenging times.

For a detailed breakdown of the services covered by Legal Resources, we recommend referring to your policy documents.

Just a Reminder:

  1. If you are assigned to Virginia Beach Law Group, you have a lawyer! But: if you don’t call, we can’t help.
  2. Legal troubles are best handled when the problem is young and tender, and
  3. If you think you need a lawyer, you’re right!

Fully Covered Services

Legal Resources covers 100 of the attorney fees for fully covered legal services.
  • General Advice and Consultation

    Unlimited in-person or telephone advice and consultation.
  • Preparation and Review of Routine Legal Documents

    Unlimited preparation and review of routine legal documents, including but not limited to, powers of attorney, bills of sale and affidavits.
  • Family Law

    • Adoption
    • Divorce
    • Name Change
  • Elder Law Matters

    • Estate advice
    • Power of attorney for the member’s parents
  • Identity Theft Assistance

    • Prevention services
    • Education services
    • Identity recovery assistance
  • Wills and Estate Matters

    • Will preparation and periodic updates
    • Advanced medical directive
    • Financial powers of attorney
    • Contingent trust for minor children
  • Criminal Matters

    • Defense of misdemeanor
    • Misdemeanor defense of juveniles (including first offense involving alcohol and drugs)
  • Real Estate Matters

    • Purchase, sale and refinance of primary residence
    • Deed preparation
    • Tenant-landlord matters
    • Landlord-tenant matters (includes hour of advice, preparation of late notice and advice on filing of suit of landlord)
  • Traffic Violations

    • Traffic infractions and misdemeanors
    • Speeding
    • Reckless driving
    • Driving under the influence (first offense)
  • Civil Actions

    • Representation as defendant
    • Representation as plaintiff
    • Insurance matters
    • Initial administrative hearing (local government commission on board)
  • Consumer Relations and Credit Protection

    • Warranty dispute
    • Advice, consultation and representation on billing disputes and collection agency harassment.
    • The Legal Resources Legal Plan provides 25% discount on pre-existing legal matters and any legal need not listed in our fully covered services, as well as out-of-network coverage.
  • Expanded Coverage

    Any service not fully covered or listed under exclusions are still covered at 25% off the hourly rate of the attorney. This includes pre-existing legal matters and out-of-network coverage.